A Hacker is someone who tries or breaks a system, mainly for his/her own good. There are many types of hackers that are below. A hacker can work in a team or by himself. Anyone can be a hacker, if they know how to script. Hackers are not always bad, but in media they mostly talk about the bad ones.

Types of Hackers

Types of Hackers, According to How They Hack.

  • White Hat: A white hat hacker (WHH) is someone who asks for permission to check if someone's system is unhackable. A white hacker can be an admin or mod, just like a RHH can be they are not harsh on other hackers.
  • Black Hat: A black hat hacker (B1HH) is someone who doesn't ask for permission and sometimes does bad things to the program or website. You may get caught and may go to jail or prison for doing this.
  • Grey Hat: A grey hat hacker (G1HH) is someone who is crossed between a WHH and a B1HH. If they ask for permission to hack into something and does bad things to it, he or she is a grey hat hacker 1 (G1HH1), if he or she doesn't ask for permission to hack but informs the owner if the website has or doesn't have a strong firewall (or other securities), he or she is a grey hat hacker 2 (G1HH2).
  • Red Hat: A red hat hacker (RHH) is someone who is just like a white hat hacker but, they can be an Admin or Mod, but they are harsh, if a B1HH is hacking the website or server,the red hat just shuts down his computer.
  • Blue Hat: A blue hat hacker (B2HH) is a PHH that wants to have revenge on someone. They are mostly novices or n00bz, because they have no desire to learn* (The ones I said that are n00bz).
  • Green Hat: A green hat hacker (G2HH) is a novice or a n00b that want to learn how to script and hack. They ask questions on forums and when they are answered, they read like a child listening to a fairy tail.
  • Purple Hat: A purple hat hacker (P1HH) or a script kiddie is someone that is scripting so he or she is amusing his or her friends. If they want to give revenge, they become B2HHs.

Types of Hackers, According to If They Hack With or Without Someone.

  • Pink Hat: A pink hat (P2HH) is a hacker that works by him/herself. Mainly PHHs, GHHs, and BBHs work by themself (90% true). All of the hackers above can hack singlehandly.
  • Orange Hat: An orange hat (OHH) is a hacker that works with a team. All of the hackers above (besides PHHs) can work by themselves
  • Brown Hat: A brown hat (B3HH) is a PHH that shows off to his or her friends. When they do it to entertain themselves they are P2HHs.

Other Types of Hackers

  • Police Hacker: A police officer, mainly a Strategic Response Unit (Like the SRU Officer, M. Scarletti from Flashpoint), that hacks into computers, car GPSs, and phones so they can find clues to find where the suspect is so they can arrest him for doing those crimes.

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