"Hello, Wikians and Mundians", I say

"What's a Mundian?", which of course you ask.

"Just a name for a Legends, Stories, and Tales Wikia Contibutour", I say,"You should join it, it's a good wiki! I am going to finish some more pages so please help me save it, it's a dying wiki"

If you say: "Ok," or "Yes," then go here .

If not "Have a good day!"

I wish to promote one dying wiki "Legends, Stories, and Tales Wikia"

Please help! Everyone that'll help in those wikis will get a shoutout! And the contributours that contribute the most, get admin rights!

What you will most likely get for contributing based on how much you contribute and if you have admin rights.
Regular Contributour Admin on many Wikis Admin on little Wikis Someone who participated on many wikis Miscellaneous Users (Bureaucrats, Moderatours, and Wiki Helpers)
1-25 edits Novice's Shoutout Regular Shoutout Regular Shoutout Advocate (Third Class Shoutout) Shoutout Regular Shoutout

25-50 edits

Reg. Shoutout Adv. Shoutout Adv. Shoutout

Assult (Second Class Shoutout) Shoutout

Adv. Shoutout

50-75 edits

Adv. Shoutout As. Shoutout As. Shoutout Elite (First Class Shoutout) Shoutout As. Shoutout

75-100 edits

As. Shoutout El. Shoutout El. Shoutout Moderation Levels El. Shoutout
100+ edits Mod. Levels Mod. Levels Bureau  Administration/Bureau Bureau

Note: This Blog will be edited after some of my wikis are finished, so I can help those be very popular and informative.