Poland is a very beautiful country, with such interesting history. Some people don't have sympathy for the country that  has been attacked 43 times since The 1600s. In a video, made by "Amazing Beautiful World", entitled "27 Reasons Why Never To Visit Poland", technically says not to visit Poland because it has no landscapes, any beautiful buildings, etc., but they showed  the most beautiful ones. Not just because I'm Polish, but because it's beautiful! We (The Polonians) have been fighting for our country about since, The Tetuonic Order was created. At that time we where pagans, Duke Mieszko I was baptised by St. Wojciech (A.K.A. St. Adalbert) in 966 A.D. After that, the Tetuonic Order had no reason for attacking us, until we christianitised Lithuania and the Tetuonic Order called us "Fake Christians". We've been attacked by the Austrians, Russians, Germans, Prussians, Nazis, and Communists. So what do you think about Poland?

Wawel Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Stanislaus and St. Vaclaus, Seat of The Arch-Bishop of Krakow.