I've just noticed a handy little feature on one of the few wikis I still frequented. While the page starts out looking cramped and unreadable, one little click of a button hides the sidebar and I can read long pages without wanting to inflict horrible injury on the nearest infant. I thought "surely this is a workaround", but no, lo and behold I even had it on my wiki without any requests on my part. Add this onto the part about the new labs feature and I have to say one thing.

Wikia, we cool.

...Well no, I still have major issues about you clutching at my content like an obsessive-compulsive eagle if I dared to leave entirely, but I can work around that. I'll just upload artwork that isn't at it's full quality and release information as it becomes relevant and necessary, instead of releasing it all at once. Yes it's more of a hassle then I like, but considering it's more of a hassle to deal with the server fees for my site, I can live with it.

Yes, I still hate how I can't have sub-branches in my navigation menu, and yes the original text color can be a pain until one fixes it, but... well honestly those can be dealt with. You've made the skin manageable, if still a downright nightmare to navigate on a phone, and it's hard for me to work up the bile-spewing hatred I normally have for Wikia.

So yes, there, I don't hate you anymore. To you I say, good job on listening to the people who use your site for once.

ETA: Oh, never mind it seems that my personal js modification finally decided to work. False alarm, thought you were being reasonable for a moment there.