Hey guys! I wanted to let you know that I'm writing a book series that I think some of you would like. It is called "The Lion and Wolf War" Not completely about what it sounds like, though. Here is the Introduction of the first book called The Muuaji wolves: (Note: I  may add some things to this Introduction, and it's a bit rough, so keep that in mind)

Introduction Have you ever made up your own type of animal? If you have, you might have made an animal that had nine eyes and fifteen legs! Or maybe you made a realistic animal, or maybe you made up a mythical creature, but the animal I am going to tell you about is more than just a made-up animal myth, it is a legend!
This animal was originally discovered around the 1950's in Sudan, Africa. A huge and unusual, wolf-like beast was seen attacking a whole group of people, by itself! Scientists, and almost all the Africans, thought of them as "killers" and "savages," therefore earning the name Muuaji Wolves, meaning: killer wolves. In reality these savages were somewhat gentle, even though at times they could kill hundreds of people in only a few minutes if it wanted to! After this incident scientists decided to search the rest of the world looking for these wolves. What they found certainly surprised everyone: Not only did they find them in every continent, they also found them in oceans, seas, deserts,the arctics and almost anyplace you could think of! These new-found creatures had to be studied to make sure that they were not a threat to the world, or anything in it, especially humans. Thankfully, they found that these wolves were peaceful creatures, and were almost tame, when they were not antagonized. So people decided to keep these animals as pets, but what they did not know, was that these wolves were not just a usual new discoverery, there was some much unknown about these creatures...

Muuaji Wolf Facts:
They can run faster than 180 miles per hour.
Their teeth are so sharp, that they can cut diamond.
They can eat and digest anything.
They are omnivores.
They eat, drink, and sleep, usually only for appeal.
They have inpenetrable skin (can not be pierced.)
There are five types of Muuaji Wolves: Alpha, Omega, Beta, Hunter, and Gladiator.
Their bones are almost unbreakable.
There is poison that can inject into their victims when they want a quick death.
They have amazing senses.
Their is always two Alphas in each pack: A male and female.
(If one of the alphas died another wolf would take over, either a son or daughter, or, if there was no heir, the living alpha would choose two wolves to become the alphas)
They have lungs and gills that have flaps over them that can open and close with ease, whenever one is needed at a certain time.

This specific book is based of a Muuaji Wolf pack called the Kubwa Pack. It basically introduces all the characters in the next books. I'm hoping to get done with this book in a few months, but I doubt that will happen. (Probably a few years)

Does anyone like this idea? Please write some comments below. Also, all these words are in Swahilli, and are actual words.