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  • I live in East Moline, ILL
  • I was born on October 7
  • I am traveling to Hell at the speed of sound.
  • Beerparty


    July 31, 2013 by Beerparty
    1. Make the compatability to make certain titles not creatable.
    2. Make the compatability to edit the automated message.
    3. Make an option to deliver an automated message to an user or IP that is banned.
    4. Replace the activity feed with the recent changes that admins are able to view.

    All based on actual problems experienced during my tenure on the Happy Wheels Wiki

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  • Beerparty

    I'm usually active on only two wikis: The Happy Wheels Wiki, where I administrate the longest thread ever, and the Egon's Unicat Wiki, which I founded a couple of days ago. So I search for the Happy Wheels Wiki and it's the first result. I then search "egon's unicat" and it doesn't show up on any of the 300+ results. Just for Claymore, Familypedia and Alternative History. That's all I see. I would've contacted Wikia rather than write a blog post, but they never answer my emails for some odd reason. So could you guys fix this?

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  • Beerparty

    Commenting glitch

    September 5, 2012 by Beerparty


    I have seen many glitches, and this may be one of the strangest. I was going to comment on a blog post. The comment works. Then, I got off Wikia for a couple hours. When I get back on, the comment disappears! This happened three times. I attached some screenshots (notice the time in the upper right-hand corner).

    And nobody else was on the wiki at this time, so nobody could've deleted it.

    (Incase you were wondering, my screensaver is Trololo Guy)

    Also, on the same wiki, the unofficial Longest Thread EVER has reached more than 1000 replies, currently up to 1016.

    (Update: I commented on this post and it disappeared (*cough cough* technical staff *cough cough*). Lol I was just kidding about the cough cough thing.)

    (Update 2: I commented a lot…

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  • Beerparty

    Anyone play Bad Eggs?

    September 1, 2012 by Beerparty

    If so, let's make a Bad Eggs Wiki!

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  • Beerparty

    Hello, this is Beerparty, yet again. I know I should probably go to Special:Contact, but nobody replies. Anyway, to the point.

    The Happy Wheels Wiki has been moderately known for unofficially having the longest message wall thread in Wikia history. There are currently 840 replies and has turned into a general chat. Anyway, I was responding to a guy. I hit the "Reply" button and everything goes haywire. The reply is flashing different colors, the box to post a reply is moving in circles and the spotlight banners are bouncing up and down. It's over now, and sadly, I have no video of the glitch, but can you try and fix this so it won't happen as often?

    Thanks in advance if you do.

    With respect, faith and ponies galore, Be3rP/\rTy

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