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Commenting glitch

Beerparty September 5, 2012 User blog:Beerparty


I have seen many glitches, and this may be one of the strangest. I was going to comment on a blog post. The comment works. Then, I got off Wikia for a couple hours. When I get back on, the comment disappears! This happened three times. I attached some screenshots (notice the time in the upper right-hand corner).

Comment Posted


Comment Gone.

And nobody else was on the wiki at this time, so nobody could've deleted it.

(Incase you were wondering, my screensaver is Trololo Guy)

Also, on the same wiki, the unofficial Longest Thread EVER has reached more than 1000 replies, currently up to 1016.

(Update: I commented on this post and it disappeared (*cough cough* technical staff *cough cough*). Lol I was just kidding about the cough cough thing.)

(Update 2: I commented a lot on this post to showcase the disappearance.)

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