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    Block Request

    May 5, 2012 by BeerpartyHW

    I suggest you globally block HenryDuckFan. He vandalizes and trolls Happy Wheels Wiki because we don't agree with him on stuff! 48 people on the wiki have agreed that he should be blocked. Below are some quotes regarding DuckFan.

    • "He vandalized a bunch both on this wiki (Happy Wheels Wiki) and others. Although he might've not killed pages, he did kill people that normally went to Wikia. Hell, he killed me deep down inside, showing how much he hates me because I'm on this wiki." ~Fieryrage
    • "'Please do me a favor... SHUT THE FUCK UP.' That's what he said on your talk page at Bulls Wiki? Seriously what's wrong with him?" ~2013GTAStationSquare
    • "HenryDuckFan is the biggest troll on the net." ~Thebeastman121
    • "I got pissed at him today. He posted a m…

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