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June 15, 2010
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  • BeholdtheVision

    A certain user has been telling people that I am targetting him at Parks and Rec Wiki. Since I have tried since Day One to work with him, talk to him, and compromise with him and he has never once bothered to do anything but be antagonistic, I need people to know that I've been the opposite of antagonistic towards him.

    I know this has nothing to do with you, but basically I used to be a jerk in the past and now that I've matured as an admin and am actually trying to make the Wiki a better place I'm being marked as a troll.  As an admin, I wanted to clean up the Wiki and I saw that many of the Trivia on the episode pages was long and basically spam, with stuff about what people were wearing, what people said, and what people said. To make ma…

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  • BeholdtheVision

    Please Read This

    March 20, 2013 by BeholdtheVision

    I know there's not much you can do about it, but I was wondering if Wikia could consider discouraging the creation of wiki's about the same topic. Its one thing if yours is focusing on something different, but I'm having problems with copycats taht are really causing problems. I created Marvel fanfiction Wiki in 2010. Then, these new peopel decide to make a Marvel fanfiction Wiki but for no apparent reason decide ours isn't good enough. Instead of joining ours and heling improve it, they make their own. Now whebnever I try to advertise my wiki whichhas been around 3 years longer, they accuse me of trying to steal their thunder. We discussed a merge but it was basically us having our articles being absorbved intpo them. I really feel this i…

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  • BeholdtheVision

    I'm trying to organize so that it can receive help on its design and stuff. Can someone help me categorize etc.?

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  • BeholdtheVision

    Idea: Encyclopedias!

    December 29, 2012 by BeholdtheVision

    I had this idea...dunno whether its good or not... basically, wikis are encylopedias-right? so, it'd be cool if there was a feature where (for a price dependent on the number of articles) users could purchase a copy of the wiki bound as an encylopedia, with an introduction prewritten by the founder/most active admin. it woudl arrive at your house and you'd be able to enjoy yours and others hard work as a cool enclopedia!

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  • BeholdtheVision

    So I was requesting adoption of a shabby wiki taht paractically nobody is active on, and then I had an idea for a new feature that would make adopting Wikis easier. Heres how it would work:

    There would be a page, sort of like a Message wall, where if the admin has not been active in a month or just decided to leave and activated it, a user could put their name there as an adopter. Two things could hapen from there: Either nobody would object after one-two weeks and they would recieve adoption and admin rights to it, or somebody would mark an objection (or submit their own name) In which the one with more edits, or the one that has never been banned, receives it. Please consider! :D

    Never forget me 00:49, July 27, 2012 (UTC)

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