A certain user has been telling people that I am targetting him at Parks and Rec Wiki. Since I have tried since Day One to work with him, talk to him, and compromise with him and he has never once bothered to do anything but be antagonistic, I need people to know that I've been the opposite of antagonistic towards him.

I know this has nothing to do with you, but basically I used to be a jerk in the past and now that I've matured as an admin and am actually trying to make the Wiki a better place I'm being marked as a troll.  As an admin, I wanted to clean up the Wiki and I saw that many of the Trivia on the episode pages was long and basically spam, with stuff about what people were wearing, what people said, and what people said. To make matters worse this spam/trivia was weitten with horrible grammar and punctuation. I wanted to clear the Wiki of this nonsense. (For an example, go here .)

But then, I found out that these contributions all basically came from the user who would become Jean-Ralphio. I saw how much he cared, and decided to approach him about a compromise here . I admitted I'd been hasty in deleting it all and offered a compromise- to simply move al his Trivia off to a subpage to prevent a cluttered appearance. Jean-Ralphio never once acknowledged this, simply telling me that I was a bad admin and shouldn't be allowed to make decisions like that.

Getting no helpful response from him, I went forward with my compromise because A) I wanted to make the Wiki a better place and B) I wanted to hopefully smooth things over with him if I could. Once again, he refused to contact me directly. Simply, he undid all my work and left generic comments where he stated I shouldn't do this. I acknowledged that he had good points but this was a compromise, and I simply did not agree. I told him he could debate it with me  (freedom of speech) but he was not allowed to just undo an admin's work. I created hard gudielines for him, and he, of course, asked if users could amend them. I once again told him he could always talk to me but the final choice was mine,.

He started scrambling for a member of Wikia Staff to tell on me to, despite the fact that I'd become an admin in the middle of this experience, and they'd told me I was "handling it well." Finding that he coukd do nothing, he created that app, and then randomly came up to me in the midst of going behind my back, not talking to me, being antagonistic and undoing all my edits to ask to be an admin. Is it shocking that I declined here ? 

Despite his attitude to me, I remained super respectful and told him I wanted to work something out multpiple times. Despite me asking him to stop, he continued to undo things so I told him I'd have to eventually ban him for a short time if he kept this up, as much as I didn't want to. Finally, he quit, telling me I'd been a bad admin and conjuring a false vendetta and basically continuing his streak of not trying to work with em but to tell me to let him do everything he wanted. I replied telling him it was probably for the best, I wanted him to stay but it wasn't working, and I wasn't sure what hewanted me to do. And then I find him telling everyone that I was targetting him?

I have never targetted him, if anything, he has made it his duty to target me and my decisions. 

I couldn't let Community Wiki not know my side of this weird debacle.

I am a Warrior. 11:49, April 4, 2015 (UTC)

Since the Opinion of Others is Important to Me, I Want To Know If I've Been a Bad Admin

Did I target Jean-Ralphio?

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