Ok, so a lot of people want to be an admin on wikias they love... So, I decide to make a little blog about it... This blog will be readable on different wikias..

Make an account

This might seem obvious, but a lot of Wikia contributors, just want to be an admin with their IP-adress. However, this is not possible, just make an account. Who knows you might be a great adding to the community?

Visit the wiki

Again, pretty obvious, but you need to visit the wiki and add at least one thing before it is even possible to become an admin.

Add, blog, help, expand

Just read this title, once you start helping other people and you have become a great part of the community.. There's a good chance that other once will nominate you as an admin.

I can't wait!!!

Some people just can't wait to become an admin. So, here's my advice: go to a little wiki. Some wikis are just made, usually by someone who hasn't be active a long time. They need help, because they don't know how evderything works.. Just ask them to make you an admin!

Admin on 3 wikis

Once you are an admin on a wiki (you didn't found yourself), you are more likely to become an admin on other wikias as well, it also shows that you are trusted.

Well, I hope you liked my advice ;)