The Internet,The World Wide Web, or just The Web. Ya know, the thing...that you're using right now.

While the internet may seem like the best thing ever, it really isn't. As human's we have opinions, and most of these get expressed on the internet.

Now it's not bad to have opinions as they can strike up an intellectual conversation and hopefully reach a point of agreement if you have conflicting opinions,but... you're not gonna have that on the internet, when you're hiding your face behind a screen you feel like you can say anything you want to.

I'm just gonna put this out there, twitter, is a horrible place to have complicated conversations.People love to talk crap on twitter, but that's bad because you can't bring up something in like 148 characters because none can ever really articulate an opinion on something or just discus anything that isn't just "I HAD BUTTERY TOAST TODAY LOLZOR"

For opinions tumblr post's okay,but not for back and forth, Facebook is pretty good; I guess.

But twitter is terrible.

And never assume anything about someones opinion if they don't say anything about it, because there plethora of reasons why some hasn't weighed in on a dramatic thing.

Not to mention internet drama is totally pointless, if you want to have a real conversation just turn off your laptop, desktop, tablet,phone, or smart glasses....and go outside to talk things out.

And as for this blog post, I was just really, really bored.