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    Ever watched those futuristic-themed movies (not the post-apocalyptic world!) where the world is so simple and sleek? There is so little to look at, yet it is so much easier to see things. It's overwhelming to look at an image that has so much going on that it can be irritating to continue looking at it. You would probably have more chances of finding Waldo in a simple world than you would looking for him on a beach with hundreds of things that could be distracting or overwhelming.

    How does this relate to wiki editing? Simplicity is the new trend. Having a simple layout helps readers and editors read and interact with the content! With more people choosing mobile versus desktop, keeping it simple is a better approach in attracting viewers …

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  • Bermuda

    Cities Skylines Wikia

    January 29, 2016 by Bermuda

    Hello, it's me.

    I read Sannse's blog and I thought #yolo.

    Skylines Wikia

    Home page • About us • The game

    Today, I am introducing a newly created wikia, established on September 2015, about a recent-release city-building video game called Cities: Skylines for the PC (and soon-to-be Xbox One), developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive. Cities: Skylines is a simulation city builder that let's you take on the role of a mayor, city planner, modder, and more.

    Cities: Skylines has two expansion packs: one that has been released and one that was just recently announced a few days ago. With the recent announcement of an upcoming expansion pack, I thought about bringing in more contributors by promoting the wikia and building more page…

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  • Bermuda

    So you want to request for user rights on a wiki? Well, why don't you make sure you know how to request?

    This blog is merely a user's opinions. If you feel discouraged by these opinions, why don't you leave a comment below for your opinions?

    • meet the wiki's requirements for requesting user rights. Without meeting these requirements, you're less likely to "win" those rights.
    • work hard in the wiki. Put some dedication to the wiki!
    • be active in the wiki. I don't know who you are if my eyes are seeing nothing from you.
    • talk to users. It might help you out.
    • beg for rights. Wait, oops wrong category.

    • use those baddest grammer. Try to think that you're applying for a job. The better you speak/write, the more likely you'll succeed. Besides, I no understa…

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