So you want to request for user rights on a wiki? Well, why don't you make sure you know how to request?

This blog is merely a user's opinions. If you feel discouraged by these opinions, why don't you leave a comment below for your opinions?


  • meet the wiki's requirements for requesting user rights. Without meeting these requirements, you're less likely to "win" those rights.
  • work hard in the wiki. Put some dedication to the wiki!
  • be active in the wiki. I don't know who you are if my eyes are seeing nothing from you.
  • talk to users. It might help you out.
  • beg for rights. Wait, oops wrong category.

Do not...

  • use those baddest grammer. Try to think that you're applying for a job. The better you speak/write, the more likely you'll succeed. Besides, I no understandy what ya tryna tell me about if ya talks with baddest grammer and spelling.... Spell G-R-A-M-M-A-R right, too, cuz I says so....
  • beg for rights. Yes, it's in the right category! Begging will get you nowhere.
  • bring that "I'm an admin is several wikis, I know how to work the rights." It sounds like you need the rights to another wiki. No, you can't have the keys to my house, too, just because you know how to unlock the door. Another reason is that people may lie. Bring some proof by linking to the wikis. Then, I'll believe that you're an admin in some wikis.
  • use that "I wanna be helpful in this wiki by becoming an admin." You're already helpful by adding content to pages. If there's a bad user out there, report it to the admins (the first people you should be reporting to) or the VSTF. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a Wikia Staff turn down an adoption request with this reason (either On Holding or Declining). (read section Adopting)
  • request when there are already tons of active administrators/rollbacks out there. There's no limit, but having a lot of admins... hmm... you're not a special user anymore. :-(
  • bring that "I has lots of edits on this wiki! I also speaks goodest grammer!" The number of edits are worth nothing. Quality not Quantity.
  • be rude to users. No one likes a rude user.
  • (MOST IMPORTANT REASON) be a troll/vandal. Least likely to earn the job.
  • spam. Don't feed users with unhealthy and moldy(?) spam. :-( They'll leave your spam (request) in the middle of the road if you do that.


Everything above should apply (except for those having to deal with admins).

  • If you need someone blocked, talk to the VSTF.
  • If you need to adopt the wiki, MEET THE REQUIREMENTS. I hate seeing "Declined, Declined, Declined" everywhere. It's appearing in my dreams now... Read over the requirements on the adoption page.
  • The more you edit the wiki, the more you'll likely receive the rights.
  • "Admins have been inactive for 60 days" - Another big reason for those Declines. Unless the admins approve for the adoption (if no bureaucrat is present), then don't request until the 60 days are up. To check to make sure an admin's last appearance, check the user list, mark the Administrators and Bureaucrats box, and read over the last edited's date. By the way, if they do approve, LINK TO THE PAGE. Proof please?
  • Talk to the community first, if there is one. Link to the discussion, too. You might have to wait for Wikia Staff to see the results if they "On Hold" you. Wikia Staff are people too... maybe... they might be busy doing other stuff. They may not be able to get to your newly updated status.

The End!
Wait, did I miss something? I'm forgetful sometimes....