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July 9, 2012
  • BertH

    Hi Wikians!

    Many of you have created Facebook pages for your communities to help get news and updates to your readers and editors. Some of you also use your main page to promote the Facebook page of your community's topic. If you use the Like Box plugin/widget to show Facebook content on your wikia, you'll need to update to a newer plugin from Facebook.

    Next week (on June 23), Facebook will drop support for the Like Box, which used the tags |}

    Got questions? Let us know in the comments. Need help? Let us know via Special:Contact.

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  • BertH

    Since the Forum feature was introduced, many communities have found that it's a great way to help fans connect with one another, make plans around editing projects or community events, and get questions answered. A common feature request, especially from very active communities, has been for a better way to moderate forum activity.

    We're pleased to announce that, with tomorrow's release, a new "moderator" user group will be available to all wikias. Along with this come some updates to what regular users can and can't do on Forum and Message Wall threads.

    These updates are relevant only to the Forum and Message Wall features. As with other user groups, admins can assign the moderator role to users if the community has the need for it. See below…

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  • BertH

    Greetings, Wikians! This is the first blog post in a new series where we’ll be highlighting interesting accomplishments and milestones specific to individual communities.

    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Wiki celebrates 5 years this month! Congratulations (and looking forward to the start of season ten)!

    In late 2004, way back before Wikia was the network of fan communities it is today, many of our oldest communities had their official debut on our servers! Some of the specific founding dates are lost to the dark reaches of time (and server logs), but we can celebrate 10 year birthdays for:

    FFXIclopedia Alternate History Wiki
    WoWWiki Pokémon Wiki
    Religion Wiki Music Wiki
    Familypedia The Sims Wiki
    Doom Wiki Stargate Wiki

    Here's looking forward to …

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  • BertH

    An important part of Project Darwin is feedback from the Wikia user community. December's release of fluid layout brought Darwin's responsive design to everyone, and gave us a chance to hear from even more of you as some communities updated their skins.

    In the new year, we've already made two changes to Theme Designer that make creating a background a bit easier:

    • The maximum file size for background graphics increased from 150KB to 300KB, to allow for better image quality.
    • It’s now possible to use the "no split" option for backgrounds that are 2000px wide (previously available at 2100px). This was done to accommodate many existing background images that were created with a width of 2000px.

    Also check out the new Help page focusing on backgroun…

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  • BertH

    Now and then, we like to give the community a chance to get to know people at Wikia who don't post on the staff blog regularly. Today I’ll be talking with Emily Massa, one of Wikia's User Experience Designers, about her most recent project, the updated design for the Wikia Mobile experience that was released in December 2013.

    What were the goals that you wanted to achieve with this new design?

    When I first started on the project, I wanted to focus on a couple of the core elements that make up the mobile article experience: the content and the user’s means of moving through it. The information architecture is crucial, as it determines how a user will interact with the site. I improved the Table of Contents, so that it is much more functional …

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