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Fluid background updates and tips

BertH January 25, 2014 User blog:BertH Google

An important part of Help:Darwin is feedback from the Wikia user community. December's release of fluid layout brought Darwin's responsive design to everyone, and gave us a chance to hear from even more of you as some communities updated their skins.


Updated options in Theme Designer

In the new year, we've already made two changes to Theme Designer that make creating a background a bit easier:

  • The maximum file size for background graphics increased from 150KB to 300KB, to allow for better image quality.
  • It’s now possible to use the "no split" option for backgrounds that are 2000px wide (previously available at 2100px). This was done to accommodate many existing background images that were created with a width of 2000px.

Also check out the new Help page focusing on backgrounds, which has details about how backgrounds work in fluid layout and includes a link to a PSD (Photoshop) template file.

It’s important to note that Theme Designer is the recommended way to upload a background image on your community. Backgrounds can also be put in place using custom CSS, but we can’t guarantee that such images won’t be affected by future updates from Wikia.

Project Darwin continues in 2014! More developments for VisualEditor are coming soon, and we’re excited to keep moving Wikia’s evolution forward.


Create amazing skins that look good at all screen sizes!

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