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10 Facts About BeyonderGod


Hello! just wanted to give out a little amount of information about myself for others to know.

Top 10

  1. I was Born the same Month,Day, and Year as Naruto Uzumaki.
  2. I am a Biracial person (White and Black)
  3. I have exactly 900 Edits on Wikipedia of March 11,2016
  4. I have 316 Edits on Wikia of March 11,2016
  5. I enjoy fixing errors and making accurate pages.
  6. I enjoy Martial Arts and forum posting.
  7. I read Comics and Manga Daily.
  8. I watch Cartoons and Anime Daily.
  9. I have been banned from wikia only twice.
  10. I own the FBO Wiki.


I won't list anything really personal about myself at all.

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