Alright here is a good blog everyone shoulder before starting and or joining a wikia so we start on what is Admin Abuse and how to solve and also avoid it. (Just to clarify this isn't a event that happened to me or is happening to me currently just wanting everyone to see if this happened to them and want to help make wikia a more friendly place.)


When an administrator in online games, message boards, or servers, misuse their power. Often by becoming power hungry and causing trouble just for their own amusement.

Example of Admin Abuse on a Wikia:

  • Admin: "I locked this so and so page because i dont like the way people edit."
  • Person A: "I think so and so should be allowed to be unlocked because we already discussed this before."
  • Person B: "I have to agree on this subject with Person A."
  • Admin: *Gets angry and bans Person A for infinite amount of days because Person A gave a honest and even truthful comment* "Your open opinion doesn't matter."
  • Person B: "I dont think that was fair you ban Person A because he was correct about this page."
  • Admin: Ban also how about that? *Makes a blog making things up about the users and causing slander*

Signs of Admin Abuse

  • Locks pages because they don't like someone else's opinion even when the admin is proven wrong.
  • They would ban you from the wikia because they didn't like you. (Personal issues need to be sorted out.)
  • Admin would ban you for a absurd number of days just because they want to.
  • Admin go ban ham crazy and ban whoever disagrees with them.
  • Admin would ban you and THEN make a blog or forum topic about you which its 10/10 isn't true and could hurt your reputation and or feelings.
  • Close admin who act alike would side with the already abusive Admin making it hard to look for a clear helping hand.

Note: If you are banned from someones wikia with 0 edits and yet they have a valid reason for the ban this isn't Admin abuse but a way to keep the wikia safe and isn't about like/dislike of you.

How to Avoid this

  1. Get a Higher staff member to help solve the problem by giving links or screenshots.
  2. If step 1 doesn't help and the higher staff member is like the problematic admin you are already having issues with you can report the person to Wikia Staff because they can decide what happens.
  3. Don't be so worried if the admin is slandering your name just make sure to remember that you can always report He/She for harassment.
  • Go to a new wikia because they cant have you banned just because they want to.

Wise words

"If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done." ~Bruce Lee