Hello! it's me BeyonderGod with another Wiki Advice for all those who are new or old to the Wikia life!

Levels of Criticism

  • Observed Level Criticism: Observed criticism is basically a member who can sit down with the Administrator's and give positive/negative feedback about the community some administrator's would find this Disrespectful because some types of Admin don't like voiced opinions because they believe the person is trying to change the wikia which isn't always the case when its about how staff should improve on talking to members and fixing errors because thats what a wikia admin does and that's fixing problems made by users.
  • Biased Level Criticism: This level is basically the person being ignorant and personally belittling the wikia and the admin where there is no need for it because a biased level critic is most likely a troll who's sole purpose is to cause negative remarks and cause arguments for no reason since they aren't giving out suggestions to help the wikia.

Is Criticism Good?

Yes! criticism is 100% for when a wikia really needs it because with criticism you can lower the amount of civil wars with members and staff since the admin will be working to improve themselves and the wikia but it's up to the wikia staff to either to do 2 things.....

  1. Listen and improve credibility.
  2. Don't Listen and lose credibility.

Positive Effects

  • Increase in Users.
  • Increase in Credibility.
  • Increase in Traffic.
  • Increase in Positive Acts.
  • Positive criticism from reviewers.

Negative Effects

  • Decrease in Users
  • Decrease in credibility.
  • Increase in negative actions.
  • Harsh criticism from Reviewers.


It all depends on people and how they feel about making a change and it will reflect themselves in the future if a wikia is by multiple unbiased people to be troublesome then the wikia should improve itself so such things wont hurt them and how people view the wikia unless they are those people who state they dont care about improvement then that's them.