1. Wikia was once called Wikicities!
  2. Wikia was founded by Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley Starling
  3. Wikia was founded October 18 2004 (Only 8 days after my birthday lol) only 3 years AFTER Wikipedia was created on January 15th 2001
  4. Wikia has a estimated 8 Million DIFFERENT pages greater THAN wikipedia!
  5. Wikia has 360,000+ different communities!
  6. Wikia TOP active communities goes to the Marvel and DC Wikia's
  7. Wikia has 200 Employees!
  8. Wikia alexa rank is 98! and is slowly making its way up the ranks!
  9. Wikia is the only wiki source with the BEST known designing system!
  10. Wikia isnt the oldest but is one the most viewed sites to date!