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How to Increase Wikia Alexa Rank?

Hello! so people wanted to start this early before i forget so alot of people want to help rank Wikia higher than before and i will list a few different methods on how US wikia users can help! because we want wikia to be around the 13th maybe even the 10th highest ranked.

Step 1: Activity!

First thing is the whole keeping the wikia active meaning having discussions and or answering/asking questions will get Alexa to see we are a very social media outlet for people to hangout.

Step 2: Pictures?

Adding pictures that is relevant in profiles,blogs, and or in the forums is key factor because google bots+alexa bots will start to handle the ranking of the images by name and the way we place it meaning to us we wikia users need to give it a good name instead of random numbers.

Step 3: Profiles

Your profile will also help get the attention of others so designing your profiles with keywords and or with pictures will help the community wikia alot.

Step 4: Sharing the community!

Sharing the community wikia is a very important task because sharing it with Facebook,Twitter, and or Reddit ill help people find this place along with bringing in the Alexa ranking bots.


Note: These are only a few steps i know but because i've had limited time this is all i can place on the blog so excuse me if i was being short.

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