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New Admin Tools??

I have been having trolls lately from another community or from another site and they always spam my pages and when i want to rollback or try to delete the edit history i cant and i would have to delete the page because the Rollback is a 1 way thing so here is a few admin tool features to prevent such things.

Suggestion 1: Multiple Rollback/Self-Rollback

May i suggest having a built in feature with no need to enable or disable? Its basically we select a certain history edit that is unwanted and have it comepletely removed and the self-rollback is very much self explained.

Suggestion 2: Edit Approval

Another suggestion where a Admin can truly "Moderate" what edits goes and what doesnt go without the need of locking a page or rollbacking.

Suggestion 3: History Refresh

Here is my final suggestion be it a system where a troll spams 1 page with unwanted page edits and you need to delete the page to clear the history but this feature would stop such a thing and will basically be a restore like enablement just without deletion.


This is all to help others stop the trolls and unwanted edits across the wikia community.

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