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Top 10 Anime Wikias

  1. Dragon Ball Wikia 6,200+ Pages
  2. Naruto Wikia 6,100+ Pages
  3. One Piece Wikia 4,000+ Pages
  4. Fairy Tail Wikia 3,000+ Pages
  5. Toriko Wikia 2,800+ Pages
  6. Bleach Wikia 2,200+ Pages
  7. Jojo Bizarre Adventures Wikia 2,100+ Pages
  8. HunterXHunter Wikia 1,700+ Pages
  9. Seven Deadly Sins 700+ Pages
  10. One Punch Man Wikia 400+ Pages


This is based on Pages and Activity this is not based on favoritism from Me! if you have any questions comment them below.

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