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  • I live in Brooklyn, NY
  • I was born on April 5
  • I am right behind you! (kidding, I'm male)
  • Bighead910

    Hey you! Are you an editor at the Ben 10 wiki? Well come on over to the Ultimate Ben 10 Wiki!

    The Ultimate Ben 10 wiki is for the Ben 10 fans that is willing to give back to not only a falling wiki, but something Ben 10 wise. So stop on by! I am just about the only editor there, and I need people to raise it off the ground. Also, this is not a newly started wiki to point out.


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  • Bighead910

    Hello everyone! I just came across this wiki called the "Spiderman Wiki". It is a cool wiki about Spider-Man, and Spider-Man only. It was started in 2008, and yet it is still pretty crappy. I am a 2nd active admin there and I need help like.. NOW. If you can contibute ANYTHING to the wiki that would be awesome because I need help since I am the only REAL active admin, the founder, and burcrats are not active either.

    Once again help is needed, no fanon, not much of copying and pasting, just help, even if it is just adding catagories, cleaning up pages, or adding needed pages, any help is needed over there, so if you have spare time and want to help a falling wiki, and you are a good editer and have superhero knowledge, come on over, don't be sh…

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  • Bighead910

    A All-New Ben 10 Wikia

    February 23, 2012 by Bighead910

    Yes, there is a new Ben 10 Wikia, created in 2010, called the Ben 10 Ultimate Wikia. The main person active there is Bighead910 which is a admin, burcat, you name it. He'll help you with anything you need.

    If you know anything about Ben 10, or are from the Ben 10 Wiki, stop on by because I really am of need of help on this wikia that I found.

    Folllow the link below if you are willing to help, and NOT destroy the pages I made.

    2. And remember to like us on Facebook!
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