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Which group of numbers is pink?

So I have this template on a wiki that I'm pretty much the only one on there. You see on this template there are some things that look kind of like:

|color=rgb(##,##,###) I was wondering which number combination is pink. Here is he bare bones of the template:

| style="float: right; color:silver; border: 3px solid rgb(30,30,30); -moz-border-radius: 12px; -webkit-border-radius: 12px; border-radius: 12px; width: 250px; padding: 1px" !colspan="2" style="font-size: 17px; text-align: center; color: white; background:dimgray; border: 1px solid silver; -moz-border-radius: 10px 10px 0 0; -webkit-border-radius: 10px 10px 0 0; border-radius: 10px 10px 0 0"|Bioniclezilla76/Which group of numbers is pink? |- |style="text-align:center" colspan="2"| |-

|style="text-align:center" colspan="2" style="color:#FFF;background:dimgray;border:1px solid silver"|

|- |style="background:rgb(30,30,30);border:1px solid silver;width:70%"|Length |style="background:dimgray"|{{{Length}}} |- |style="background:rgb(30,30,30);border:1px solid silver;width:70%"|Weight |style="background:dimgray"| |- |style="background:rgb(30,30,30);border:1px solid silver;width:70%"|Gender |style="background:dimgray"| |- |style="background:rgb(30,30,30);border:1px solid silver;width:70%"|Combat Style |style="background:dimgray"| |- |style="background:rgb(30,30,30);border:1px solid silver;width:70%"|Primary Attacks |style="background:dimgray"| |- |style="background:rgb(30,30,30);border:1px solid silver;width:70%"|Secondary Attacks |style="background:dimgray"| |- |style="background:rgb(30,30,30);border:1px solid silver;width:70%"|Primary Weapon |style="background:dimgray"| |- |style="background:rgb(30,30,30);border:1px solid silver;width:70%"|Secondary Weapon |style="background:dimgray"| |- |style="background:rgb(30,30,30);border:1px solid silver;width:70%"|Energy Style |style="background:dimgray"| |- | Yes I removed parts so it would show up as a source but they aren't important to this. Help would be very much appreciated and thank you.

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