• Bius.lencse

    Love Story I 1 Part.

    February 14, 2014 by Bius.lencse

    There was a girl, named..Carly. She was really depressed, sad, mad, hated, bullied, and..alot more. She, used to be the happy girl, the one who always laughing. But, a boy..changed that. A boy, who was her everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING, she had to give up..everything for this boy, named..Kyle. He liked a B***** called; Cecey. Cecey, always...wanted Kyle, as well..she get all the boys, in her school..and one day, Kyle and Cecey dated. Cecey know that, Carly likes Kyle, but..Kyle never know that. And, Cecey the one who was, very evil. *At the date* Cecey: Heey Kyle-baby! Are you like this, girlll? Called, Carlyyy? Haaa..? ;) Kyle: Umm, i didn't even know her.. She's new, at the school..o.0 Cecey: Um, ok. Let's go then!! ....They dated, …

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