What is As some of you may be have been dealt with. Top management is indeed a member of a member to access the new skin.

However, plans to wipe out the member and the Monaco skin. Say: From 10.11.2010 you get this no longer Monaco skin.

It also offers no alternative.

Some people want the new skin not they like it or not.

Because they are built either on their Wikia's Monaco skin on or have not come to terms with the new. I have built my Wikia's also on the Monaco skin and feel more comfortable as well, but what's a member of the A **** over. The main reason is we may never know.

Wikia is supposed to represent a community, but it will not keep the thing the user received a lot of the Monaco skin do.

And that has nothing to do with a community more.

That's why I called for the preservation of the Monaco skins. Each member of the users will have it with the phone as a comment below.

I have already started this protest in the German Wiki:

Says another user certificate that you can also react yet.

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