It was night time. The wind was blowing in the trees, breaking off leaves and guiding them to the ground. It was winter. 

The snow was becoming ice, and the trees were holding little leaves. Every living creature was warm in thier homes. Everyone exept little Blaze. Blaze was in her box on the side of the street, trying to curl up and wrap her tiny blue tail around her black fur to cover her white paws. She was shivering in the freezing cold. Finally she gave up, lifting her head to look around. Nobody cared for her. At least that was what she thought. Blaze stood up on her paws, shaking the snow from her coat. she stopped, standing there looking at her paws with sadness. Then she sat down and began to wash herself. When she was done, she looked up at the sky, her eyes shining as she stared at the snow. she got up again and faced the side of the box, thinking of a plan. Quickly, she ran to the side and jumped, struggling to claw her way up the cardboard wall. She fell on the other side of the box, shaking her head. Realizing she made it out, she smiled and jumped around joyfully. She suddenly stopped, staring into the forest she had never seen when she was in the box. She was scared, but curiosity got the best of her, and she ran into the undergrowth.