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Name: D-N-A Faliure 

nickname: Magna-87

age: considered to be 102

gender: uses female pronouns

species: D-i-A-M-O-N-D program AKA G-H-O-S-T

likes: Despair and space

dislikes: Humans

affliciation: Bad


occupation: none

birthplace: created in a lab, far, far away. the lab is unkown...

fun fact: None

special trait: excellent sense of direction


created in a lab by a mysterious man named Harrison. Valuge, his real last name is unkown, harrison has a son named harrison.Jr. They both created D-N-A for another scientist who needed a robot that can accumliate in space. But...and accident happened while creating her, an Rival Scientist by the name of Yogoseti added some curropted files to her system, he also added unkown visuses to her files, glitches, everything bad! soon...when she was activiated, she had gone crazy! blasting everything in sight, moving crazily, destroying the lab! harrison and the other scientists were trying to fix her files, but failed to do so, there was a code needed, but nobody knew what the code was. everyone in the lab fled for thier lives! harrison jr lost an arm while doing so...D-N-A Demolished the lab into ash! she went on to look for the person who created her and that perosn was...Harrison...and/or Harrison.Jr. she didn`t aim for Yogoseti because she never saw him, or knew him. she eventually teamed up with Harrison`s other failed creations, and they all had the same goal, to get thier hands on harrison and/or Harrison.Jr. but only a few didn`t have that goal, D-N-A was the main leader, and soon when she and the others Finally find Harrison And/or Harrison Jr...know what they`ll do to them? tourchure them...make them pay for what they had done to them, and maybe...kill them!

(Credit for the art goes to my brother.)