Hello my lovely fellow Wikians! It's Auburn and for those that still don't know me, I'm a 19 year old female full-time blogger. I decided to look at the third Wikia in question that requested to be reviewed. I have compiled a specific set of criteria and they are as follows: Information Accuracy + Comprehensive Subject (20), Organization (20), Presentation + Format (20), Friendliness + Collaboration Effort (20), Rules & Standards (20), and finally, an overall community rating out of 100.


Today we will be looking at the Mario Wikia! A Wikia all about the famous video game plumber we all know and love? Yep, and it doesn't stop there! This particular place is most recognized for its content and quite literally known for being labelled as "The Wikia Nintendo would salute to." Will this be the case? Is this the ultimate Mario Wikia for all things in the lore? Let's find out.

Information Accuracy (10)

Mario Review Homepage
Mario Review Homepage2
I decided to look at the homepage first, which should be the prime visual and outlook for the overall website. Based on the look and descriptive definitions on the main page, we can find indications if this Wikia is accurate or not. After fangirling from the cute little Mario cursor, I read the main page description: "MarioWiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the ever popular Mario series. There are 5,063 articles and growing since this wiki was founded in July 2007. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for the Mario series. The MarioWiki community would love it if you'd join us in our Chat room for friendly conversation." (MarioWiki, 2015). This Wiki certainly knows what it's doing, and what their goals are. It earns a 10/10 rating for a perfect first impression.

Comprehensive Subject (10)

Mario Review Page

As stated in the first header, this Wiki definitely knows what its intentions are and that really is promising. However, is the title a comprehensive subject? Well, actually it is. Did you know that the character of Mario is more well-known by kids than Mickey Mouse? Therefore, naming the Wikia based upon the main protagonist is a very smart move in terms of finding readers. It sort of is a bit innaccurate that the title of the Wikia is just "Mario", considering it is all about the universe altogether. I can still see why they would name it that, though. This earns a rating of 9.8/10 for only confusing certain simpleton readers with its name.

Organization (20)

Mario Review Organization
I decided to check out how they organize their pages and content. I was definitely impressed! So much categorization and referencing, which results in everything tying together perfectly. Like... I imagine a completed puzzle of 5,000 pieces all linked in conjunction with one another. Remarkable. Perfect score of 20/20 rating for its outstanding Organization.

Presentation & Format (20)

Now, how is the presentation and format of the pages? Well, seeing from the homepage and all of its appealing content, it looks promising once again. The background gives a sense of nostalgia to any Nintendo fan, and the presentation is breathtaking. I'm honestly serious, take a look at the homepage with its labeling of characters, species, locations, games, etc. I really love the smal touches like the live chat being Princess Peach's castle, so appealing. The logo itself is very nicely done, too. I have to give this a 20/20 rating, this Wikia needs to be on top for its visual factors. It also earns an "Auburn Stamp of Oustanding Visuals" for being that amazing.

Friendliness & Collaboration Effort (20)

Mario Review Friendliness
I then decided to check out their forums, because that is the main place to talk about just about anything. It seemed plentiful at first, but some threads haven't been active in months! It's good, but the forum activity is a bit too slow for my liking. Collaboration still receives a high grade for the "Wiki Activity" rate and edits being made. I will give a respectable 17/20 rating for being seemingly collaborative and the sheer number of threads made.

Rules & Standards (20)

Mario Review Rules
As the rules, regulations, and standards... Huh. Strangely, they are not listed in the "Community" tab. Are they on the homepage at least? Yeah, but it was very far down in the tiniest text imagineable. Wikias must have their own set of rules to prevent any issue. I'm sure they solve any problems that may come up in a decent amount of time, but this community must inform every user what they need to follow. It's clear that visiting users won't search the Wikia itself for its regulations, they need to be right in their faces. I give them an 13/20 in this department, it was kind of disappointing.

TOTAL SCORE: 89.8/100 

Conclusion: Needs more forum activity. However, needless to say this Wikia is one of the best out there.

~ Blog Author Auburn. <3