Hey everybody! My name is Auburn and I'm a 19 year old female full-time blogger. I decided to look at another Wikia that requested to be reviewed. I have compiled a specific set of criteria and they are as follows: Information Accuracy + Comprehensive Subject (20), Organization (20), Presentation + Format (20), Friendliness + Collaboration Effort (20), Rules & Standards (20), and finally, an overall community rating out of 100.


Warriors Fanfiction Review Homepage
The Warriors Fanfiction Wikia is a community that creates several articles containing a huge variety of fanfictions and stories. As a newbie in the fanfiction world and as a blogger seeking new experiences and strives to learn about all fandoms... I immediately took interest. Is this community a fun and collaborative place filled with high-quality content, or is it just a dumping ground many websites subject us to? Auburn seeks the answer!

Information Accuracy (10)

Warriors Fanfiction Review Page
Well, seeing as how everything's a fictional story created for the fun of writing and sharing it, I won't be assessing this category with how "accurate" the information is, but how constructive and fluent the story progresses, and of course... if the title matches! Some pages have beautiful custom font titles, and the stories generally catch my interest in reading them. So much imagery and detail were put into these, so I will give a solid 9/10 rating for flow and interest.

Comprehensive Subject (10)

Warriors Fanfiction Review Homepage2
Would you consider fanfictions a comprehensive subject to all viewers? I would say yes and no. They definitely had a rise in popularity over the past few years, and it's pretty much another word for 'fictional story'. Not to mention, this Wikia represents everything really nicely and shows what it's all about. Other than the "Warrior" in its name (a name of a user, I guess?), it's precise in its definition. A 7.5/10 rating for this category.

Organization (20)

Warriors Fanfiction Review Organization
Of course, organization is key in a Wikia. I checked their categories and for the most part (of course, there being a few iffy ones) it was good. Their Wikia Navigation bar seems in order and all content is nicely tucked away. Problem is, some pages are not categorized... Yikes! This Wikia receives a 13.5/20 in Organization.

Presentation & Format (20)

Warriors Fanfiction Review Homepage3
Presentation and format is also very important to catch the reader's interest and allow your content to really shine bright and look appealing to the eye! The homepage is nicely designed, and the pages (seeing as how their fanfiction stories) have the basic format of separating the sentences equally by 1.5 pt spacing. Not bad at all, and while it may seem bleak, it is a story-telling Wikia after all! 15.5/20 rating in this category.

Friendliness & Collaboration Effort (20)

Warriors Fanfiction Review Chat
Oh look! This Wikia has a decently active chat (ranging from 3-5 users at a time). Cool! I decided to stop by to see what's up, and considering that forums are disabled, I'm going to rate the friendliness and collaboration there! It was.. slow? There wasn't much talking. Nor was I greeted by any of the users. "Awwwkward~!" This gets a 13/20 rating for a not bad looking chat.

Rules & Standards (20)

Warriors Fanfiction Review Rules
As for rules? This Wikia has layed down the law! There's plenty of rules that order users to not utilize sensitive topics in their written fanfictions, chat rules, and more. It was pretty well-organized, too. I was impressive for the most part, wasn't perfect, but it was very good. A 16.5/20 rating in this department!


Conclusion: Average overall, some highs and lows. Keep working at it, you guys!

~ Blog Author Auburn. <3