UrbanCraft is the capabilites necessary to get by in a constrained situation. This isn't for preppers or gun fantatics. The general theory of this blog is that as practice always helps its worthwhile running exercises in the remote chance that some of the cabablities of our modern society were not available. As we live longer and have more opportunities for travel and experiences its not unlikely that one in 50 years or so our lives could be threatened, or at least made easier or safer, simply by reviewing and beecoming able with simple methods that may help us and those we care for survive in reduced situations. 

A few possible scenarios might be defined but maybe to start the basic capabilities might be stated:

1) keeping warm and dry

2) dealing with injuries

3) finding food

4) growing food

5) preserving food

6) washrooms, cleaning

7) building a stove

8) preparing food

9) capturing power

10) fresh water

11) lights

12) security

13) medical emergencies

14) temporary shelter

15) fishing

17) small game

18) large game

19) raising aniimals for food

20) transportation

21) carts

22) small engines