My name is Stephanie Blake, I am fifteen years old, I play Animal Jam, I love coffee from Dunkin donuts. My favorite color is teal. I think Snow Leopards ate awesome. So are cats and kittens and puppies. I dislike dogs. I Love swimming, soccer, and volleyball. I can be sensitive sometimes. I love pop music. Taylor Swift is my favorite music artist. My favorite song is Roses by chainsmokers and Stitches by Shawn Mensa's. I like rap only from Drake and J.cole. I ma about to share with you my deepest secret. I wish I was famous on Animal Jam. My mom says I can't have a YouTube channel and I don't like that. Btw I don't like Donald Trump. He is plain mean and racist. I wish there was no such thing as war. There. I just opened out to you. I told you all about me. Now tell me all about you in the comments down below. This is like my fifth blog today and I'll try to write as many as I can everyday. I will try to make them longer and not as boring, but I can't promise anything!