Hello every one, I want to inform you about the dash till puff wikia!

This wikia is specially centered to talk, show, and tell you all about the most exciting game of all time, Dash Till Puff, and if you dont wanna know about the game, we got a pretty nice community that is friendly and awesome to check.

Why should I join this wikia?

Here is one of the reasons you should join one of the best wikis in this world.

  • Has all the information to the game
  • We have a awesome community that is helpfull and nice to others
  • We are hiring, admins and scripters

And anything else that makes a good wikia!

Things you need to know

As talking this is the Dash Till Puff wikia, and every user that wants to join this wiki, needs to know some guidlines too.


  • Never create a Dash Till Puff 2 or something related to that
  • This place is to hangout and help users have some helpfull tips, so bad behaivour and false information is 100% not permited in this wiki.
  • Never put NSFW content, porn and stuff like that (including creepy videos of youtube)
  • Edit farming, is so bad in this wiki, it well never be acceptable or right to see the guy who did this in the future, that is just, plain mean...

Hope you like it!

I hope this convinced you to join a awesome wikia that is just brand new and we need helpers INMEDIATLY, so excpect having admin too, bye!