Blue Tennis Ball

aka Karlie H. Objrect Show Fan

  • I live in the Object Madness community.
  • I was born on October 14
  • My occupation is founder of Insanipedia (the Object Madness Wiki)
  • I am Female. I A M N O T A B O Y
  • Blue Tennis Ball

    Okay, first off all. If you are a member of FANDOM's staff and you are reading this, please don't globbaly block me, because between my second old account and my current account, I've gone from a person who is pretty idiotic to a mroe mature yet kid-friendly person. Second, these are about my two old accounts that I've used FANDOM with, and looking back at them now they are (and yes, I say) garbage. Without further ado...

    So, this isn't my first accoutn. No, it ain't. It's been somethign a bit personal, but if you were on the Mixels Wiki from June to August of 2014, then you probably saw them. These two accounts actually belong to me, so I'll tell you the tale of these accounts I created when I was nine years old (yes, I was underage when I…

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  • Blue Tennis Ball

    Hey everyone! I am the founder of Insanipedia since April 3, 2017! This wiki is of course inactive...way too inactive!

    • Edit the articles, and edit a lot of them! (please follow the policy before editing though)
    • Add media to the wiki
    • Discuss anything in the Community-corner

    It may be time-consuming, but just think about it! I made this wiki for Object Madness and I need help editing it.

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