Hello, Wikians! It's almost that time of the year again which is basically an avid gamer's Christmas. Yeah, you've guessed it, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3!

The gaming companies have surely made 2011 stand out this year, with majorly successful titles like Portal 2 and Dead Space 2 hitting the shelves and taking a toll on our pockets (or, parent's pockets) a little bit lighter.

Wikis are getting their templates, categories and cite tags ready for this juicy event when information will be given out in buckets about brand new yet-to-be-launched video games, and once again we'll be given slight peaks and glimpses about the future of gaming itself.

Dead Island Wiki are hoping strongly to get their first ever true gameplay trailer. Marketers at Deep Silver surely know how to amp an event; by releasing a pre-trailer less then a month beforehand to garner interest.

Two shooter-game Wikis, COD Wiki and Battlefield Wiki, know that the 'fight' of the year is gonna be a big one, with two highly anticipated releases of long running franchises battling it out for Best FPS of the year. Good luck to both these Wikis on coverage!

Speaking of shooter games, many fans of the XCOM series caused quite a stir about it taking on a first person shooter perspective. Now, it's up to 2K Games to show the fans they've got what it takes to give you back that awesome sci-fi fun you had while growing up.

Adventure returns! Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception will likely prove to still be the Uncharted we love. As in previous years, we're sure that the reboot of the Tomb Raider series will include a large variety of models, fittingly dressed in a blue top and dark green cargo pants!

Other games that have earned a stall at E3 include Gears of War 3 and BioShock Infinite.

Who ever said that the Resident Evil games are getting a bit on the "undead" side? Laugh in their face, because Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Resident Evil: Revelations are sure to win the "E3 Zombie Prom King and Queen" crowns!

Now, after waiting forever,, Duke Nukem Forever fans are certainly curious to one question: Has he run out of gum again?

Moving on to bit of hardware, many Nintendo fanatics will be tuning in to the Nintendo Wiki on a regular basis (me including). With the successor to the Wii on its way, will we be able to hear some more positive specs?

Good luck to all the gaming Wikis out there. You all deserve this opportunity for a content, and community, boost, after all your hard work.

Happy editing and gaming!

-Zombie talkblog