Hey everybody! I got bored, and got an idea. I'm going to make a contest! But whats it about? Best wiki's! You can enter your wiki below. There are 5 categories: Organization, Community, Information, Appearance and Technicality (see more below)

When entering your wiki, please state which categories you believe your wiki should win. I am the judge (don't worry, I don't favor wiki's because I like one more than the other), and I will go to the wiki, and, well, judge it.

The top 3 wiki's for each category will be announced on this blog, and you can then vote for the winner of those 3 wiki's on a poll, which will also be put here.

Entries end on January 30, and the poll and final date will be put up on the 17th February

So, was your wiki the best for something in 2010?

Good Luck and have fun!


Is everything in it's place? Are there categories on each page? Do users have issues navigating around the wiki?


Is there a large, active and overall friendly and well-behaved community?


Does it cover the topic well? Are there several stub pages? Can I get a clear and well researched page when hitting the "random page" button?


Is the background and logo attractive? Do both have something to do with the wiki's topic?


Are the users clued up? Are they only using starter templates? Do they rely on to much help from other wiki's? Do the administration have a high-level editing and wiki-text knowledge?