OK guys I'm in how about you team',

we in ttt too cap',

OK why are we playing this',

because pewds and his friends are playing this kyon',

then a shot blasted BP's leg',

traitor kyon is the traitor kyon is the traitor',

that was me',

hi minx',


pewds if your playing this game kill minx',

what I'm not the traitor',

then BP threw a smoke bomb and ran',


then kyon died',

why did you do that',

sorry sorry I was aiming at you pewds',

yo SOS brigade',

hi anime guardians',

then the traitor wins sign popped up',

what who did that',

that was me sorry',


cry next time you shoot me or whoever you shot don't do it again',

I shot pewds sorry',

then kyon met up with his team',

OK cap your mine',

kyon is back',

then kyon pulled out a C4',

C4 kyons the traitor',

then haruhi shot kyon',

oops sorry',

It's OK',

then BP was shooting dude and dude went down',



then minx shot BP and BP went down',



then BP came',

you missed',

oh his OK',


why is cho-ryung in this game',

I found bi-ryu and broght cho-ryung here',

then bi-ryu shot kyon',

bi-ryu you tratior',

no sorry',


then bi-ryu fell to the ground',


then boris threwa genade',

genade boris is the traitor',

come on',

then BP pulled out his AK47 and shot boris',


sorry alice he threw a genade',