Hello my name Boltina but people call me bolt and today was the worst day of my life im moving school?!?!?! i know right its called LiaNora SouthChester but people like me call it LNSC for short in the morning my little brother Jacob!! he stole my alarm clock!!! ugh! and  i woke up 5 minutes early and i could've slept longer but anyways i got up i got dressed in this super cute belly top thats was'nt realy a belly top but i had cute white sea blue shorts to and some runners i came down stairs and my mom was making pan cakes yummy!  and i saw Jacob! with my alarm clock eating choclate hoops hes such a  BRAT!! but i had to go in a few minutes so i got my bag and ran as fast as i could to get there early but when i arrived i bumped into someone or some guy!!! he said 'hey u okay there' and i was like 'ugh watch were your going' and then he said ' i realy am sorry by the way im Alex Westchester'  and then i said 'the names boltina but u can call me bolt for short well i'll see ya around Alex 'see ya round bolt' i wave back at him and think mabye we'll become good friends... then i hear the bell 'oh sugar!!! im gonna be late for my first day!!!' i run as fast lighting then i arrive at class on time and then i see Alex waving at me nd i see a spare seat and i go to sit down and then we chat for a while then class starts the teacher mister wilouran such a weird name he introduces himself and says 'today we have a new transfer student named boltina boltina please come to the top of the room' and i awnser him 'yes sir hello my name is boltina please call me bolt and i am 14 years old and i hope u all treat me nicely' and they all clap and i blush and get embaressed what will happen next please follow and u willl see whats gonna happen next..good day u'all bye!!!