Elena, Elena of Avalor!
~ Theme song

Hello Wikians (and Avalorians),

I would like to share with you one of my favorite wikis, the Elena of Avalor Wiki. I'm an active admin there, and I believe that this blog post will catch the attention of all of those Elena of Avalor (and Sofia the First!) fans out there.

Bionicforce: "Um, the WHAT wiki?"

Elena of Avalor. 

Elena of Avalor is a 2016 American television series on the Disney Channel. It revolves around Princess Elena. It started to air on July 22, 2016. [...]
~ The wiki's description

Bionicforce: "So? What's it about?"

The show is about a princess who was trapped inside a magical object (the Amulet of Avalor for all you Sofia the First fans out there) while trying to defeat an evil force who took over her kingdom and was finally liberated by Princess Sofia. She defeated the force and now rules the kingdom of Avalor with a Grand Council (due to her age) composed of her cousin, best friend and grandparents.

Bionicforce: "Um, wait. You just practically skipped over the liberation part. TELL ME MORE!"

Whoa, no need to yell. The pilot special (with the liberation) hasn't aired yet. We have to wait until November 20th. Yeah, Disney decided to air the show before the special. I know, right?

Bionicforce: "I'm in! Tell me, what do you have on the community part of your wiki?"

Well, the wiki just got adopted in September, and we have grown SO MUCH since then. A list of some of the things we have include:


We will have an awards ceremony around January 19th, the wiki's first anniversary! We also have editing awards: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Special! For more information, click the awards heading or this link.

Chat Parties

Yes, we have chat parties! We need more active users chatting at our parties, so please join by clicking on this link or the heading!


Yes, we have a Discord server for those who are too lazy to join Wikia Chat. :P Click on the heading to join our server!

And guess what else? We just got a makeover from the Community Development Team! Sadly, there are only really 5 active contributors (myself included), with only the four active administrators adding actual content. We are looking for new contributors, so I hope you can join us. I hope to see you there!