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    Ok, I didn't excpect my last blog to last long, but, ok, I accept that. What I was seeing when I wrote that blog was that Thailand hardly has any Wikians- only a few hundreds. This is also the case in other countries like Chilie and Saudi Arabia. Wikia is a community for everyone, but primilarily, the people here are from the US, Canada, England, France, etc; the world major powers.

    Shouldn't we ask the staff to help make Wikia more known to other people in other countries?

    In Thailand, I asked a classroom of 35 people about what Wikia is. Only 1 answered it correctly, and the others are like "Oh, is that like Wikipedia?"

    We ought to expand our influence soon, as many of the Wikians are deserting from here in hordes because of that "new look"…

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