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The 10 Wikimandments

This is a parody of the 10 commandments, and this one is for wikia. Don`t blame me if offended, since this was made just for advice on all of Wikia.

  1. Thou shall thy not vandalize, nor blank pages, nor do Badge Farming.
  2. Thou shall thy not covet thy user`s userpage, nor his badges, his place on ye leaderboard, or his user rights.
  3. Thou shall thy not violate ye local or official policies, for they are official.
  4. Thou shall thy use Wikia everywhere, even at ye toilet.
  5. Thou shall thy not swear, nor post porn, for Wikia is for ye children.
  6. Thou shall thy not commit sockpuppetry.
  7. Thou shall thy worship ye Wikia Staff.
  8. Thou shall thy not post copyrighted images.
  9. Thou shall thy not be underage.
  10. Thou shall thy learn wikitext, for it is ye markup language of Wikia.