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    About me

    April 13, 2012 by Borifan96

    Major Gossip Girl, Dance Academy , Pretty Little Liars and Bori fan

    Sammy Obssession

    I love Dan/Blair, Dan/Serena and Chuck/Blair form Gossip Girl

    I Love Chuck/Blair the most.

    My Favourite T.V Shows are:

    Gossip Girl

    Pretty Little Liars

    Secret Life

    Dance Academy




    Switched at Birth

    • By the way I'm a girl
    • I love the colour purple

    My favourite Characters (In Order)

    • The Actors/Actresses are Beside the Characters

    Gossip Girl- I have an obsession help me please

    Blair Waldorf a.ka B- Leighton Meester

    Dan Humphrey a.ka. Lonely Boy - Penn Badgley

    Chuck Bass- Ed Chestwick

    Serena Van Der Woodsen a.k.a S - Blake Lively

    Nate Archibald- Chace Crawford – Pure sexiness

    Pretty Little Liars

    Aria Montgomery- Lucy Hale- The best character ever

    Hanna Marin- Ashl…

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