Aria is pretty with ezra

My favorite pll couple

Major Gossip Girl, Dance Academy , Pretty Little Liars and Bori fan

Sammy Obssession

I love Dan/Blair, Dan/Serena and Chuck/Blair form Gossip Girl

I Love Chuck/Blair the most.

My Favourite T.V Shows are:

Gossip Girl

Pretty Little Liars

Secret Life

Dance Academy




Switched at Birth

  • By the way I'm a girl
  • I love the colour purple

My favourite Characters (In Order)

  • The Actors/Actresses are Beside the Characters

Gossip Girl- I have an obsession help me please

Blair Waldorf a.ka B- Leighton Meester

Dan Humphrey a.ka. Lonely Boy - Penn Badgley

Chuck Bass- Ed Chestwick

Serena Van Der Woodsen a.k.a S - Blake Lively

Nate Archibald- Chace Crawford – Pure sexiness

Pretty Little Liars

Aria Montgomery- Lucy Hale- The best character ever

Hanna Marin- Ashley Benson – the witt of the show

Emily Fields- Shay Mitchell- I’m not a fan of gays either but just because she is gay doesn’t mean you should hate her. I’m not gay because I say this. I’m 100% straight

Ezra Fitz- Ian Harding- Too Hot

Spencer Hastings-Troian Bellisario

Toby Cavanaugh-Keegan Allen-Abs

Caleb Rivers-Tyler Blackburn

Ella Montgomery-Holly Marie Combs

Alison Dilaurentis-Sasha Pieterse- Amazing Actress and she’s only 16

Secret Life

Amy Juergens - Shailene Woodley

Ricky Underwood- Daren Kagasoff

Dance Academy- All guys in this show are sexy ;) . Love Kat and Tara’s friendship

Sammy Lieberman -Tom Green <3<3- He’s Adorable

Kat Karamakov-Alicia Banit – She’s awaesome and Kat

Christian Reed-Jordan Rodrigues- He’s super hot & sexy

Ben Tickle- Thomas Lacey- He’s sweet and awesome

Tara Webster-Xenia Goodwin – Shes not liked but shes ok can be annoying but ok

Victorious- Got to love this show

Tori Vega- Victoria Justice- Love Victoria , she’s amaing she and ari are my favorite actresses

Cat Valentine- Ariana Grande- Ariana is my favorite actress love her character. Love her red hair

Beck Oliver- Avan Jogia- He’s super hot

Jade West- Elizabeth Gillies- She’s different

Friends- Best 90’s show ever

Phoebe Buffay- Lisa Kudrow a.k.a. Regina Phalange- She’s so awesome

Chandler Bing- Matthew Perry- Amazingly funny and Cute

Rachel Green- Jennifer Aniston

Joey Tribbiani- The sweetest guy ever- “How y’a doing?”-Matt LeBlanc

Ross Gellar- “We were on a break”- David Schwimmer

Monica Gellar a.k.a Fat Monica- Courtney Cox


Carly Shay-Miranda Cosgrove

Sam Puckett- Jenette McCurdy

Freddie Benson-Nathan Kress- He has gotton sexy

Switched at Birth

Bay Kennish- Vanessa Marano- Gotta Love Bay

James "Wilke" Wilkerson III-Austin Butler- Super hot <3

Daphne Vasquez-Katie Leclerc

Emmett Bledsole-Sean Berdy

My Favourite Couples (In Order)

Gossip Girl

Chair- Chuck and Blair- Soulmates

Dair (Dan & Blair)- Adorkable

Derena -Dan and Serena – Soulmates

Nerena- Nate and Serena- Too Cute

Pretty Little Liars

Ezria-Aria/Ezra- Thought me love has no boundries

Haleb-Hanna /Caleb- Love is Limitless

Spoby-Spencer/Toby- Love can survive anything

Secret Life

Ramy-Amy/Ricky= True Love <3

Dance Academy

Kat & Christian- Too Cute

Sammy & Ollie-Need more scream time( as long as it doesn’t affect Sammy and Chris’s friendship)

Tara & Ben- Need to get together


Bori -(Beck & Tori)- They are perfect for each other

Bade-(Beck & Jade)- First loves are sweet

Cabbie-Cat & Robbie- They need to get together <3


Mondler- Monica & Chandler- Perfect Couple

R&R- Ross and Rachel- Together forever

Sammy Lover