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Politics Rant

Boxer23 June 8, 2016 User blog:Boxer23

I know that people rant about Donald Trump all the time, but right now I'm just going to talk about politics in general. 

Everyone knows that Trump is "the worst candidate in the run," which I kind of agree with. In my opinion, Bernie Sanders is the best candidate. Now, granted, he's from Vermont, and my dad's best friend was from there, but I'm not being biased. Hillary Clinton doesn't act too serious when it comes to running for president. You all remember when she made her own email when she wasn't supposed to? If she knew that she wasn't supposed to do that, then why do it? I mean, if President Obama found out(which he probably already did), it would be chaos. If I were President Obama, I wouldn't have allowed her to be in the race anymore, but that's just me. 

I'll continue tomorrow. Bye!

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