• Bradyh8r111

    Degrassi Wiki

    November 3, 2010 by Bradyh8r111

    There have been way too many trolls on the Degrassi wiki lately. People are putting up links to porn sites, and naked pictures of Rihanna. I don't know how to complain to wikia about this, so I'm writing a blog.

    Also, the only active admin on the Degrassi wiki, ~holiday, has decided to leave the website, so we have no active admin. Could wikia please appoint an admin for us?

    Here are some recommended people-

    Splainin2doo- #14 on the wiki with 1,340 points

    Bradyh8r111 (me)- #10 with 1,540 points

    Loveya- #6- 1,890 points

    Blue Stav #5- 1,890 points

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