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Stop this madness!

Okay, I know it's all bad that Wikia got rid of Monaco, but as said here, Monaco is really hard to run, and bugs would cover articles, so Wikia made Oasis. Yeah, I want Monaco back, but I am used to Oasis, so I could use either skin.

(To Wikia: People have moved their wikis to other wiki farms. Get them back!)

Comment below if you think

a) Monaco rocks and Oasis sucks
b) Oasis rocks and Monaco sucks
c) Both rock, none suck, and this Monaco vs. Oasis fight is useless and should stop
d) I prefer Monaco, but I am not going to sit here and complain about it
e) combo.

Comment below!

Side note: I read a comment by Drangon Fan here that Monaco is coming back in July (as a surprise for the new year). (Update: That is a rumor from ShoutWiki. LIARS!)

No negative comments, please!

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