• Briellenp


    October 13, 2015 by Briellenp

    There once was a little wolf that lives with her mom and dad. One day her parents went to a party and had to get a baby sitter to watch there little girl (Maggy). When Maggy was sleeping, the baby sitter went out with her friends, the little girl was left alone for 5 hours. When she woke up to a loud noise, she ran down stairs to see what had fallen or what had happened. There was a man in a black outfit and a mask. She cried and the man took her. When the baby sitter came back, Maggy was gone. Maggy has lived with this man her whole life and no one ever found her. So she is with the unnamed man in black. try to find clues in her house to find out who took Maggy. Go to Briellenp's den and find clues, jag if you know how did it. Beware the …

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