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    The Achievements Leaderboard is a system of badges that encourages editing and participation. The leaderboard can be simply known as "badges", and you can read about the leaderboard on Help Wiki.

    On various wikis, I have noticed contributors and administrators complaining about some trolls unlegitimately earning the badges. This includes vandalism, cheating, and stuff like that. I think badges are worth zero points each if earned without integrity. What also is a pain is that badges cannot be taken away once earned (this is what the administrators complain most about). So I have improvements to discuss with the community. Remember the list is not complete and will frequently be updated.

    • Remove the category track. Undoubtedly that. That is wher…
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  • Bryce53

    I was obviously helping out community members, and you didn't like it. How rude. Comments off!

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  • Bryce53
    End of discussion. Comments off.

    I've seen the infantile, childish, bad, idiotic, dopey, spiteful, ignorant, and violent side of the world recently. Wow, I don't even know where to start.

    1. I went to Annoying Orange Wiki to do my recent-changes patrolling when I found a violent article comment made. It contained extremely dirty and foul language. As a result, I blocked him/her, and I disabled article comments, because the majority of the comments made on the Wiki were childish.
    2. A user was complaining on Wendy's talk page about "being blocked on a wiki that he didn't even know existed". I then went to Psycholog Wiki. Gross. The wiki was not even related to psychology or whatever. The pages were just named "Stop it" and the content was just basic…
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  • Bryce53


    May 11, 2011 by Bryce53

    Why do Wikians find it fun to "play with the blog posts" and make such childish, ignorant, infantile, and thoughtless posts? Don't you think their time should have been used to help Wikia do more useful things?

    They can always create a user subpage named "Sandbox" and play around with it if they'd like, but why do they do this on blog posts? Blog posts are only supposed to be on-topic to Wikia, and not something like "halau just a test" or whatsover.

    I have tried to tag these with the "i" and "Delete" tags, but Charitwo said that I'm being counterproductive by doing that. So now, I won't. Because the best way to respond to unadvisable posts is just to ignore them. And I don't want Charitwo to threaten to block me, because that's the last thin…

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  • Bryce53

    As I stated here, false information can be spread and added anywhere on Wikianswers with a single answer. So I think here's what it should be like:

    • The edit button should be replaced by an "Answer question" button
    • The user will be taken to a form if they click "Answer question". The form's title is "What's your answer?"
    • The user answers the question in the edit window below.
    • Below, the "Publish" button should be labelled as "Submit"

    The program then takes the answer, automatically signs it with four tlides, and inserts a solid line ( 04:57, May 9, 2011 (UTC)

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