Why do Wikians find it fun to "play with the blog posts" and make such childish, ignorant, infantile, and thoughtless posts? Don't you think their time should have been used to help Wikia do more useful things?

They can always create a user subpage named "Sandbox" and play around with it if they'd like, but why do they do this on blog posts? Blog posts are only supposed to be on-topic to Wikia, and not something like "halau just a test" or whatsover.

I have tried to tag these with the "i" and "Delete" tags, but Charitwo said that I'm being counterproductive by doing that. So now, I won't. Because the best way to respond to unadvisable posts is just to ignore them. And I don't want Charitwo to threaten to block me, because that's the last thing that's going to happen to me.

AnnoyingOrangeandClassical PianoGABS 05:26, May 11, 2011 (UTC)